Building Health Check Mycotox Screen Check | Free Shipping
Building Health Check Mycotox Screen Check | Free Shipping
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Building Health Check Mycotox Screen Check | Free Shipping

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Mycotoxins, or fungal toxins, are low-relative-molecular-mass biomolecules produced by fungi, some of which are toxic to animals and human beings.  Mycotoxins are known to interfere with RNA synthesis and may cause DNA damage. Some fungal species may produce various mycotoxins, depending on the substrate. Trichothecenes identified as one of the important mycotoxins in the indoor environment which may influence the health and hygiene.

Toxic effects of indoor exposure can include irritation and inflammation of mucus membrane, respiratory effects, immunotoxicity, neurotoxicity, sensory irritation, dermotoxicity, and carcinogenic effects attributing to such exposure.

Mycotoxins affect buildings occupants in schools, healthcare facilities, office buildings and homes, through inhalation or contact. The chemical substance cytotoxins can cause cell disruption and interfere with essential cellular process. Some mycotoxin are potent carcinogenics, some are vasoactive, and some penetrate the blood-brain barrier to cause Central Nervous System (CNS) effect.

The assessment of the extent of mycotoxin contamination is the essential step in reducing mycotoxin exposure and their potential affects.

The Environmental Diagnostics Laboratory at Pure Air Control Services provides an ELISA based method for the rapid screening of trichothecene mycotoxin. Mycotoxin (Trichothecenes) concentration results are expressed in parts per billion (ppb).

The test is quick and easy to use, and includes a sample collection device for 1 sampling location. Lab analysis is emailed back to the customer in PDF format in 10-14 days.

 Suggested Sampling Locations:

**IMPORTANT** At least 1 gram (or 1 tablespoon) of solid dust collection is needed for analysis.
1. Carpet: This kit is designed to collect dust from a carpet, so it’ll be best not to vacuum the floor in advance too closely to the date of the test. (See Sampling Instructions)
2. Heavy Dust Collection: Even If you do not have any carpet to sample, you can collect dust from almost any surface as long as there is a heavy dust build-up available for sampling.

Who Should Use Mycotox (MTSC) ?

·  School and Plant Operators

·  Industrial Hygienists

·  HVAC Engineers

·  Building Maintenance Supervisors

·  Test and Balance Professionals

·  Real Estate Professionals

·  Insurance Claim Adjusters

·  Hospital Maintenance Engineers

·  Physicians

·  Occupational Health and Safety Professionals

·  Facility Managers

·  Homeowners

·  Educators 



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Building Health Check Mycotox Screen Check | Free Shipping
Brand: Building Health Check
USD  $93.00 In Stock
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